12V High Pressure Car Electric Washer Water Pump Washing Tool + Brush

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12V High Pressure Car Electric Washer Water Pump Washing Tool + Brush

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1. Mini and portable car washer, easy for you to carry along with you.
2. Ideal for car use, car cigarette charger with over-current protection function.
Power: 100W
Flow Rate: 7.5L/min
Pressure Setting: 1.1MPA
Outlet Pipe Length: 8m
Inlet Hose Length: 1.5m
Hold the handle switch motor will automatically start, pressurized the water will spout
loosen the handle, the motor will stop, the water will stop spouting at the same time

Precautions for use:
1. Can not soak in water.
2. The pressure adjustment screw can not be adjusted. Before leaving the factory, the pressure has been adjusted well,
any random adjustment will increase the pressure of the return, which will cause the water pipe easy to burst.
3. The inlet must be installed filter device, can not enter the impurities. Otherwise, easy to plug the pump, resulting in
lower pressure or even can not outlet water.
4. It is not resistant to oil erosion. (Non-pumping gasoline engine oil-diesel kerosene)

Package Included:
1 X Water Gun
1 X Water Pump
1 X Car Cigarette Charger with 4.5M Line
1 X Brush
1 X 8M Outlet Pipe


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الرمز التعريفي للمنتجBG1292617
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الرمز التعريفي للمنتجBG1292617
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